Metropolitan Life Insurance

Metropolitan Life InsuranceMetropolitan Life Insurance is one of the largest insurance-based financial services providers in South Africa with its target market as the lower and middle-income markets. The company has in the recent past merged with Momentum to form what is now known as MMI Holdings. This partnership has cemented the company’s position as one of the leading performance and cost-driven entity in the market and developed the brand even further in terms of loyalty, confidence and trust.

Metropolitan Life Insurance provides products and services which are tailored to meet your financial needs. The company’s endowment policies are designed to ensure that your structured savings will grow exponentially to exceed their capital worth. The company’s life insurance product range helps to secure your family’s financial future in the event of death or the catastrophic illness of the breadwinner. If you would like to obtain the best life coverage from a company that places strong emphasis on products and service excellence, you can get a free Metropolitan Life Insurance Quote from the company’s team of accredited financial advisors.

Metropolitan Life Funeral Benefits

The Metropolitan Life Group Schemes provide affordable funeral benefits to assist in alleviating the financial constraints of paying for a funeral. As the company is committed towards providing affordable life funeral benefits for the lower and middle-income consumers, the group scheme benefits provide protection against the rising costs of funerals. The Main Life Assured is given the option to include family members and extended family members under the funeral cover at an additional cost. Metropolitan Life Insurance relies on the age of the members in order to determine the premium amount payable. Obviously the younger members will pay less that than the older members.

Metropolitan Life Cover

The need for life insurance cover is undeniable especially taking into account the numerous risks of life. There is a lot of uncertainty regarding longevity, potential disability, dread disease and time of death. Metropolitan Life Cover is designed to guard against these risks. A life insurance policy is an asset which provides the most comprehensive needs and objectives than any other type of investment policy. It provides peace of mind that your dependants will be financially secure in the event of your untimely death. Metropolitan Life Cover also provides a flexible type of investment which can be used to provide protection for credit, career, retirement planning, estate and investment.

Some of the most essential functions of life insurance coverage include the following:

  • It helps to guarantee that the educational needs of your needs of your dependent children will be catered for.
  • Life cover helps to ensure the ongoing viability of a business concern following the death of a business partner.
  • The death of the family breadwinner is potentially financial catastrophe and life cover helps to replace lost income.
  • Life Insurance Cover provides funds for day-to-day living expenses, mortgage payments and outstanding credit obligations.

Life Insurance quotes

Metropolitan Life Contact details:


Tel: 021 940 5911

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  1. Fatima Joseph

    I have a retirement annuity with your company and only want to know what my benefit will be at the date of maturity at the end of December 2014.
    Its a Blueprint Retirement Annuity taken out on 01/0/1986 and the policy number is 421216xxxx. My identity number : 590504009xxxx

    Fatima Joseph

  2. Eileen Bonner

    Please advise what is the status on my policy 023022478 which matured in 2002.
    Initially under the name Warburton but changed to Bonner. Thank you

  3. Alex Mensah

    Would like to re-instate a lapse policy

  4. Jongikhaya Ndoda January

    I would like to get an update on policy no

  5. Stephen

    I wanna know how to cancel a policy.

  6. Dirk Loots

    I wish to claim against a Funeral policy for my deceased mother, but I get passed from one to the other when phoning to enquire.

    Why is it so difficult to get paid out? I have had to carry the cost myself.

  7. please send me my tax certificates on my Id number is 710723543xxxxfor 20150 and 2016 financial years

  8. Nomafu Dorah Mtamo

    Hello…could u plz send me my tax certificate to my email address…thank u in advance.

  9. nomabongo mkalali

    I claimed my cashbacks on the 23rd December not yet received them yet, when I went to enquire in the branch they told me that my claim is still in que maybe staff is on leave, thats what I dont understand, how do you business guyz

  10. bernard myburgh

    need a copy of funeral cover document

    id 621229515xxxx

  11. Dennis Allan Bengtson

    Please advise me on the status of my policy which matures at age of 65 years the policy number is 4211972xxx I would like it to be payed out to me thank you.
    Please advise on policy number 4211972xxx which matures at age 65.
    Kind Regards

    Dennis Bengtson

    114 Seabass Road
    Newlands East

  12. TGMhlahlo

    Pls update me on policy number 0013839

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