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Boe Life InsuranceBoE Life Assurance Company/ Nedgroup Life Assurance is a Nedbank joint venture which has as its primary objective, the provision of life insurance products across the greater Nedbank group.  The 360Life product range offers protection in the event that main life assured succumbs to a natural and/or accidental death. The lump sum benefit payable is designed to ensure that the financial needs of your loved ones are adequately provided for.

360Life Disability Benefits

In the event that the main life assured is involved in an accident or injury which results in his/her temporary or permanent disability the Main Life Assured receives a lump sum benefit, qualifying rider benefits and income benefits.

Critical Illness Benefits

This cover pays out for the four main critical illnesses which include stroke, heart attack, cancer and coronary artery bypass. In such cases, a lump sum benefit is paid out upon diagnosis of such a critical illness. The Comprehensive solutions cover is an additional option which covers 20 other critical conditions.

Qualifying Rider Benefits

This option is designed to assist in enhancing your core 360Life benefits provided you have pre-selected the Critical Illness Benefit, Disability or Death Benefit. The Qualifying Rider Benefits extends to cover the waiver of premium benefit, future cover benefit, final expense benefit, child critical illness benefit and retrenchment benefit.

BoE Life Assurance Company/ Nedgroup Life Assurance provides an innovative bouquet of 360Life Products and a comprehensive range of wellness offerings. The company has become your preferred portal to wellness advice, health assessments and great rewards. BoE Life Assurance Company/ Nedgroup Life Assurance is a champion for wellness and provides clients with long term support in selecting the most relevant insurance products tailored for their personal needs.

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Tel: 086 026 3543

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