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Direct Axis Life InsuranceDirect Axis Life Insurance is one of the most successful direct insurers in South Africa. With FirstRand as their major shareholder, Direct Axis Life commands a high competitive edge over most insurance solutions service providers. The company focuses on offering top class insurance solutions directly and as such they offer some of the best rates in the industry. In addition, the company makes use of technologically savvy call centres with highly knowledgeable and passionate consultants. Direct Axis Life Insurance also ensures that their life insurance product portfolio is specially designed with all the right features that address the major risks faced by every South African resident.

Direct Axis Life Insurance provides the right amount of insurance cover that will give you peace of mind. Although life insurance might seem like an unnecessary expense, here are some of the reasons why Direct Axis Life Insurance is a must:

Protect Your Loved Ones

A life insurance policy is designed to cater for your family’s financial needs when you are not there anymore or if you are unable to provide for them. These funds provide much-needed support for the loss of an income by providing for mortgage bond payments, funeral expenses, taxes and day-to-day living expenses.

Secure your Estate

Life cover benefits provide some non-taxable funds which can be used to finance statutory taxes such as estate duty and other death-related fees.

Funeral Expenses

A life insurance policy or maybe even a specific burial plan helps to cater for the funeral costs which can be at least R10 000-R15 000. This alleviates the financial burden on your grieving family.

Expert Advice

Direct Axis Life Insurance provides its clients with expert advice in order to ensure that you buy enough cover that is tailored for your particular lifestyle, risk profile and family needs. This helps to ensure that policy holders do not waste money on cover that they do not need or already have in existence. For instance, most employee benefits packages include life insurance cover, critical illness insurance and income protection.

Reviewing your Life Insurance

Direct Axis Life Insurance understands the importance of reviewing your life insurance policy at major turning points in your life. For instance the birth of a child or an increase in the size of your mortgage means that your life cover must be adjusted accordingly so that it continues to offer adequate protection.

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Tel: 0860 66 33 3

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  1. Maria

    Hi I want to know how can I cancell 2 funeral policies that I took out last week. Please

  2. sibongile khumalo

    I want to cancel policy number: 12191213.

  3. Inacio Vincent Pontes

    Could I please be emailed form 23 creditlife insurance cancellation form. Janine Hendricks sent me email requesting me to complete the form and send it back to life insurance, after my enquiry with Switch2 on the 13/03/2017.

    I m unable to do so since the form was not attached with the email she sent me.


  4. Catherine De sousa

    I am needing to make a claim for chronic illness and loss of employment on my directaxis loan account ID # 581111007xxxx. Please respond or point me in the right direction. I am living in the UK and cannot call the call centre as it’s not supported by international dialling. Many thanks C A De Sousa

  5. M. Gumede

    My husband passed away early this year and he had personal loans with directaxis and now I’m receiving calls from lawyers saying i need to pay them off. I know according to national credit act credit providers must have insurance included in the loan in the event of dearth, disability etc.

    I phoned direct axis 7 months after reporting my husband’s death and it shows as if i didn’t report this, what are you trying to do. I don’t know if you (direct axis ) are trying to take advatage of me or what, are you following the NCA or not? I am going to report this.

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