Regent Life Insurance

Regent Life Insurance is a fully licensed life assurer with representation all over South Africa. Regent Life Insurance forms part of the Regent Group, a subsidiary of the Imperial group of companies. As part of this diversified group, Regent Life Insurance adopts a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and compliance to industry-specific best practices. As a market leader in the industry, the company offers an exceptional range of superior life assurance products and short-term insurance.

Lifestyle Protection Plan

The Regent Life Insurance Lifestyle Protection Plan provides credit life cover designed to protect your family and loved ones against the burden of outstanding credit commitments in the event of your retrenchment, permanent disability or death. The Lifestyle Protection Plan gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected during the period of your indebtedness up until the debt has been repaid in full. There are different types of benefits available with the Lifestyle Protection Plan:

  • Immediate Full Cover: Depending on the plan and benefits selected, Immediate Full Cover entitles you to lodge a claim between the date of inception of the finance agreement and date on which the first installment is due and payable.
  •  Death: The Lifestyle Protection Plan will settle outstanding finance agreements or credit in the event that your death occurs before the applicable exit age.
  •  Total and Permanent Disability: In the event that total and permanent disability occurs before the age of 69, the Lifestyle Protection Plan pays a lump sum equivalent to the death benefit.
  • Temporary Total Disability: In the event of an illness or injury which renders you unable to earn an income before the age of 69, the Lifestyle Protection Plan pays the monthly instalment on the outstanding credit agreements until you have achieved full recovery from the illness or injury.
  • Personal Catastrophe: The Lifestyle Protection Plan will settle your outstanding loan agreements or credit should it happen that you are diagnosed with a permanently disabling condition such as heart attack, paraplegia, blindness, cancer etc before the age of 69.
  • Retrenchment: The Lifestyle Protection Plan Retrenchment Benefit pays out the monthly installment due on your finance agreements in the event that you are retrenched before the age of 69. Payments will be made for a maximum of 3 months and cover is available for two separate retrenchment incidents.
  •  Hospitalisation: In the event that you are hospitalised for more than 7 consecutive days, the Lifestyle Protection Plan hospitalisation benefit will pay out the monthly instalment due on your credit agreements for a maximum of three payments.

Life Cover

Regent Life Insurance offers an innovative range of funeral plan options which are designed to ensure that your family does not have to pay for funeral arrangements. Funeral cover is available for the Main Life Assured, the spouse and up to six children. The Regent Life Insurance death benefit is a lump sum payment issued to your nominated beneficiaries in the event of your death.  In the event that the death of the Main Life Assured is accidental, a double lump sum payment becomes payable.

Lifestyle Value-Added Services

Regent Life Insurance through its CareLine offers value-added services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This benefit is available to the Main Life Assured, the spouse and dependent children below the age of 21 years. Value-added services include telephonic medical advice, claims assistance, roadside assistance, medical emergency and guaranteed hospital admission.

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Regent Life Insurance contact details:

Tel: 0860734368

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  1. Xola Nakase

    I have a policy with you: Policy Number 9163696 CICCCONSOLIDA

    I need more details about the policy since I do not have a detailed policy document
    My postal address is
    Box 2788

    • Mulibana M.Simon

      Send me updates of my policy

  2. sandile

    I pay premiums to your company and I do not have a single document from you..Why is your company deducting money on my salary without my consent and knoiwledge. policy number is 9257420C1CCONSOLIDSATION AMOUNT R 255-00. i have referred the matter to my attorneys. I would also like to cancel any policy I have with yourv company.

    Yours Faithfully

  3. Qqalazani T Motsoenengkm@

    My policy no is 9210514CICCONSOLIDAT and I want to cancel this policy at it took long before deducting and I have no contract. I have already taken another policy for I thought my application was rejected.Please cancel it with mediate effect

  4. c. Hadebe

    I joined nd deducted but no correspondance

  5. c. Hadebe

    may I know my policy nr nd if my fnral cover has cashback bonus or nr6802295605xxx

    • present mbatha

      good day

      can you please cancel my policy no:9485938 with immediate effect and stop the debit order that are currently running

  6. Luke Meth

    My policy number is 9143246c1cconsolidat. Kindly cancel this policy, or furnish me with details as to how to cancel. My cellphone number is 072251xxxx

  7. N

    Bought a car 2012 – took out life cover – retrenchment – the agent insures me that if retrenched car will be covered. Retrenched July 2013. Did claim march 2014 only to find in July 2014 that car is only covered for 3 months. WHAT THE F*CK!!!!!!

  8. I would like to know about the Life cover at Regent life insurance , I have joined it and now I wanna know if I could get help with cash

  9. COFA

    would lioke to cancel the policy 9197511 with immidiate effect

  10. happiness

    I have a funeral cover with regent but I don’t even have a single document from them, I don’t even know my policy number. May you please update me about my policy my apostal address is PO BOX 1179 Kwalugedlane 1341

  11. Maseko Thembisile Dorris

    I just want to know the people I joined for to my policy, so that it will be easy for me to upgrade.Policy no.9156xxxxxCCONSOLIDAT

  12. Lizwi Baku-baku

    Good day my name is lizwi Bakubaku id no 83032656xxxx i have investment policy with you, i just want to know how do you go about when you want to claim and what documentation do you need. If the is any form i have to fill in kindly email me the form so that i can fill it and send it back to you.

    Thank yo

  13. mahlodi Obed Kobe

    I need more details about the policy since I do not have a detailed policy document or would lioke to cancel the policy 9197511 with immidiate effect

  14. Errol Vickory

    Hi my policy number:9167453 I’m sorry that I have too cancelled my contract with immediate effect due too my financial problems

  15. Jeffrey Melusi

    I’ve been looking for an email where I can submit for furneral claim since I have a furneral policy with you guys.

    Kind regards.
    Jeff Zulu (076235xxxx)

  16. Nkhesani Emily Masinge

    Hi I took a policy for my child’s education in 2010 but when the documents come it tells me that it will mature in 2032,it is not what we agreed on and by that time my child will working,I want it to be adjusted if it is not possible I want it councelled with immediate effect,my policy nr is 9123601C1CCONSOLIDAT

    • Kindly note that I am requesting my contract form , just to check snd be updated with my beneficiaries. Thank you

  17. Karl

    Regent deducts money from my account every month without authorization, and they refuse to cancel the policy or pay it back. If this is happening to you, report them to the FSB as soon as possible!

  18. Gladys Ndlangamandla

    I need to get clarity on my policy number 908xxx.I have P .Tladi who was covered by this policy and she passed on in March 2011.there was no payout made and I was promised to receive atleast my premiums back.may I kindly request that this matter be dealt with as it was promised by one of your consultants.
    Hoping to hear from you as soon as possible.
    Thank You.

  19. Gordon Sethole


    I’m a client with policy 9000913xxx.I would like to inform you that my personal and employment details have changed.kindly contact me on 083710xxxx to arrange for debit order.

    Kind regards
    AG Sethole

  20. Ntobeko Mananga

    I took a policy with Regent Life , this was a funeral policy .The policy no is 9191956Consolidat .An amount of R 287.68 IS DEBITED monthly but I have not received any contract from you. Please furnish me with the contract .


    Its been one year since I have jion RL and being a member, yet there is respond from you even an Sms,mail etc updating me of my policy but u still deducting. Another issue, is that your rap promised me that I will get 10% back from my yearly amount but nothing I get yet.

    All I want now is to cancel the policy. Becouse u act like a Scam.

    Thank U

  22. celine

    I have a policy with you and I would like to cancel it asap. My policy no is 9181173C1CCONSOLIDAT.. I don’t even have any written proof that I have a policy and you don’t communicate with your clients.

  23. Margaret Koen

    Please provide a policy document for money that is being deducted monthly from my bank account. This has been ongoing for months now, maybe even years and I not been able to ascertain what my benefits are.
    The number appearing on my bank statement is CLL007999 156273169
    Many thanks

  24. Juliet Mathenjwa

    Hi,I’d lyk to withdraw from my savings urgently pls Koos Du Plooy has alway been a great help contact me

  25. Lindi Ndaba

    I have a Funeral Policy with u which I would like to cancel as soon as possible,my ID number is 770409062xxxx

  26. Lindi Ndaba

    I want to cancel my Funeral Policy as soon as possible

  27. Lindi Ndaba

    I want to cancel my Funeral Policy due to there’s no truth in Regent life,my ID number is 770409062xxxx,so please help cos I don’t need this policy anymore

  28. Reginah Keitumetse monnapula

    Can you please cancel my policy I have already submitted my bank stament and I’d copy can you pls send me letter to show that I have resign .please send now

  29. Xolani Madlala

    Hai, my name is X. Madlala, there are documents that I am suppose to send to you, but the email address provided to me is wrong reference9141773


    I would like to do a cancellation on this policy: 9324251C1 CConsilidate with immediate effect.

  31. sasi

    No regent pls help

  32. Emerald Ntombikhaladi Bhengu

    hi, I took out an investment plan for 5 years , I don’t have a policy number I would like to cancel the investment as I bought a car recently and I can’t afford to pay an instalment as well as this investment. please contact me on my E-mail above.

  33. Kenneth

    Could I please receive a electronic copy of my policy. I have a policy which I applied for in 2010 and I have never received any communication since, I do however spot the deduction on my salary advice. I am an educator, was very young when I decided to take the policy and have since failed in making time to make contact, but I do feel that some level of communication must be taking place, which is not happening. Could I kindly make contact with a consultant from Regent Life so that I can assess the use/need of this policy I have been paying since 2010.

    Kind Regards

    Kenneth Robertson

  34. Kenneth

    Could I please receive a electronic copy of my policy. I have a policy which I applied for
    in 2010 and I have never received any communication since, I do however spot the deduction
    on my salary advice. I am an educator, was very young when I decided to take the policy
    and have since failed in making time to make contact, but I do feel that some level of
    communication must be taking place, which is not happening. Could I kindly make contact
    with a consultant from Regent Life so that I can assess the use/need of this policy I have
    been paying since 2010.

    Kind Regards

    Kenneth Robertson

  35. Tshepo mothabe

    Iv joined regent on 2011 and i stil havent received anythng,no mail,nor text or call.pls call to update me on my policy..kind regards

  36. slindile cele

    Can I know if my policy have cash back or can I get a loan from it id no. 790103043xxxx

  37. tshepo mothabe

    i joined regent life insurance in 2011,i have not received even a single phone call from you,no updates nothing,im paying 600 n somthing Rands every month,call me 081843xxxx we realy need to talk

  38. Fridolini Zazi langa

    Please could you email me details of my current funeral and investment policy as it has been a while since i was updated with I’d no.820827533xxxx.
    Thank you. Email addres

  39. I L rautenbach

    Cancel policy number: CLL009492173218906: I have stopped debit order

  40. Rose Pauline

    Good day, can u please help me with the cancellation of the policy as soon as possible.

  41. Masenyane

    RE: Policy Number 946xxx CANCELLATION

    I am sending you this written notice to request cancellation of my policy insurance effective (29-August-2016). I would appreciate you sending written confirmation of cancellation from your side as well. Please refund the unused portion of my policy premium and cease charging my bank account or Monthly Salary (pay cheque) for payment of monthly premiums.

  42. margaret sebokai

    Please call me regarding my policy on 079116xxxx. I need to update my beneficiaries

  43. Fusi

    Just wanted to make a follow-up, my parent’s funeral cover, no correspond from u, please contact me

  44. Irene Williams

    I have a policy with you please tell me if my eldest son is still covered or contact me by email please urgently

  45. Mpho

    Can you please stay out of my life I never did a policy with you but your dedacting money from what is that can you please cancel every policy I have with you

  46. Queen Nhlapo

    I would like to cancel my policy can i be contacted at 073067xxxx policy
    REGENT: Policy, 9479xxx your insurance policy has been accepted with effect 11/01/16

  47. Andre Barry


    my opinion : STAY AWAY !!!!!


    Dr. Andre Barry

  48. Nothwala Maria Sibeko

    To whom it may concerned

    I am interested in opening a business at my location .It will be concentrating on doing SAVINGS AND FUNERAL PARLOUS. This will be under the name of REGENT LIFE SAVINGS AND FUNERAL PARLOUR.I have worked for regent life for four years then I got matters then I resigned. I fell sick now I am fine I am going to run this business with a partner.I want to talk to the right person dealing with the REGENT BUSINESS.We want the Name with the letterhead and the content be of REGENT LIFE.We will design our own PC Programme.Our building and staff.But according to the training we will train our staff .If it wanted to attend the meeting the person incharge will organise the meeting .Both or one of us will attend the meeting at due date and time and the place to be chosen.This is not the comment but the business interest gesture.

    I think you will find everything in order.

    Kind regards
    Nothwala and Nhlanhla Msimango

  49. Please provide me with your fax number or email address I need to send a letter of cancellation due to financial problems with immediate effect.

    your speedy response will be high appreciated.

    kind regards,
    Nomusa Shembe Policy no. 9170710ICCONSOLIDAT

  50. Henry


    I have a policy to be cancelled. I got an e-mail address but it does not work. I then sent it to
    Trust that it will be attended too.


  51. Withdrawal from educational policy

  52. Thembisile Maseko

    I have a policy with Regent just wanted to find out if my policy had cash back.My date of birth is 1985-04-07

  53. sello phillip mahlangu

    morning please may you send me your email address so that i have a policy to be cancelled due to financial problems i encounter right now. my e-mail address is
    policy number that i need to be cancelled is: 9522764c1cconsolidat


  54. Nonceba Machaea

    But really regent is not communicating with us i am afraid if anything happens to us that we might feel sorry. No updates they dont even reply to emails if you want more details. I need to cancel this policy am feeling unsecured

  55. Sivuyile

    Please contact me as requested on the email conversation policy number 9152201C1CConsolidate

  56. Sivuyile

    I’ll be waiting for your call

  57. phindile mqwathi

    am withdrawing at educational plan my policy no is 9368906

  58. Senzo Mbelu

    I have an investment which I think has matured, how do I claim?

  59. C.K.Phega

    I need to cancell my policy, you regent deserve a visit from consumer protector!

  60. Tsholofelo Komane

    I just realised now that I apparently have a policy with you and have been paying it for the past 3 months,but what’s crazy is that I don’t remember even talking to someone from your campany let alone take insurance from you. Please get back to me with the documents/phone recoding that proves that I even joined within the next 24hours or else I’ll sue the living lights out of you. Cancel the damn thing also,your 24hours starts now at 17h40 the 13th September 2017.

  61. Bonginkosi Gqira

    I want to hear about my cash back ID 8304085767xxx

  62. Justin Jansen

    I need someone to contact regarding my policy I have with Regent. My number is 083645xxxx.

  63. I need my policy to be cancelled with immediate effect, policy number: 165051.

  64. Zazi

    I need to contacted with regards to this insurance I’ve never sign up for such let alone have a contract from you guys.

  65. Goitsemang Letta Ndlovu

    I will like to claim my cash back on my policy please

  66. Mbali

    hi i have a policy aswell im looking for contact details i cant seem to find them please respond policy number 9349383C1CCONSOLIDAT

  67. Mrs C.N. Ndlovu

    I cancelled my two policies (REGENTLIFE 9378640 and REGENTLIFE 895581) I had with Regent Life. I notice with surprise from my bank statement that REGENTLIFE is still continuing to deduct premiums of R757.00 and R272.66 respectively. I hereby want you to repay this money back into my Nedbank account urgently.


    Cabangile N. Ndlovu (ID 6007090782xxx)

  68. POLITE


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