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most liked life insurance companies in South Africa

According to Likemoney.co.za a newly developed social comparison website Hollard Life Insurance was rated as one of the top life insurance companies in South Africa so far in 2016 amongst the Likemoney users. Likemoney sources SA’s most favoured products by doing a social media comparison on the most liked financial products on the market rated by you, the consumer. People with first-hand experiences. This way, not only can you compare products with monthly fees and interest rates, but you can find financial institutions that are liked and recommended by a reliable third party source. Likemoney has been up and running for only six months, and Hollard Life Insurance is already the top rated life insurance company on the website. Hollard Life Insurance is in first place with a total of 19 likes and a five-star rating. They are far ahead of their competitors as in

Hollard Life Insurance

Hollard Life Insurance is a highly renowned insurance firm which has been providing reliable insurance solutions in South Africa since its inception in 1980. As one of the largest insurance providers, Hollard commands a heavy pan African presence with operations in several African countries including Botswana, Ghana, Mozambique and Namibia. The company is also a well-known brand in the Pacific, Europe and Asia with operations in India, China, Australia, United Kingdom and Pakistan. Hollard Life Insurance has made significant strides in the low-income market because they are capable of providing the best short-term to long-terms insurance options at an affordable price.