9 Things That Make You Pay More for Life Insurance

There are certain aspects of your lifestyle, job or history that may contribute to an inflated life insurance premium, something you would obviously like to avoid if at all possible. These factors are widespread and varied, yet all have one thing in common: the likelihood of reducing your lifespan.

5 Reasons to Get Life Insurance

We have heard it hundreds of times, if not thousands. Whether from television, radio ads, in magazines or from financial advisors: “Get life insurance! It is the responsible thing to do!” And it is. But many view it, quite fairly, as money that could be better spent on food, school fees, bills and clothing.

How Much Should Life Insurance Cost?

In South Africa, the life insurance industry is in total upheaval due to new legislation that has been introduced. The legislation deals specifically with credit life insurance (the life insurance you are forced to take out when you make a loan of any kind) and has no bearing on ordinary life insurance, but it still raises an interesting question: how much should you be paying for your life insurance?