HIV+ Life Cover

Health24 published in 2009: About 900 South Africans die each day as a result of HIV/Aids related infections, and there are approximately 5.4 million people living with HIV/Aids in South Africa. HIV prevalence amongst adults accounts for 28% of those infected, and currently, 90 000 to 100 000 people are receiving antiretroviral therapy in the private sector. Until AllLife’s, launch in December 2005, life insurance was largely inaccessible to people living with HIV.

With the alarming rate of HIV/AIDS deaths and the increasing incidence of terminal illnesses, this much-needed insurance provides for the early payment of death benefits on diagnosis of terminal HIV/AIDS.

Find out how much HIV+ life insurance cost.

hiv+ life cover


What is HIV+ life cover?

In 2005 AllLife was the first company in the world to offer whole life cover to HIV positive individuals. HIV+ life insurance provides cover in the event of death of the life insured, whether this was due to an accident or a health related issue.


Why you need HIV+ life cover

HIV+ life cover can help to:

  • Qualify for home and business loans.
  • Provide for everyone who depends on you financially.
  • Give your family peace of mind and financial security in the event of your death.


Choosing the right HIV+ life cover

hiv+ cover

What you need to know when choosing a HIV+ life insurance:

  • What are the different options available
  • Cover for a limited period of time or an unlimited period
  • Cover of the outstanding balance on a loan


Are you HIV positive? Then get cover now.