Disability Cover

Have you protected your biggest asset: Your income?

Not being able to work because of disability is one of the risks we face. What would you do if you could not work anymore?

Disability – whether partial, temporary or permanent – can affect your family emotionally and financially.

Protect yourself with a comprehensive cover if you become disabled and cannot work. Disability cover is aimed at both protecting your lifestyle and easing financial burdens you may face.

disability cover








What is disability cover?

Disability cover pays out a pre-determined amount if you can no longer work because of an injury or illness. The lump sum payment will help you and your family stay financially secure.


Why you need disability cover


Disability insurance payout can be used to:

  • Replace your lost income.
  • Protect your family and dependants from unexpected financial problems.
  • Support your children through school even after losing your salary.


Choosing the right disability cover

Things to consider when looking at disability insurance:

  • How much you will need to continue living comfortably
  • Does this amount include a portion that can be used to adapt your home, car, computer, etc.
  • Does it come with cost of living adjustments (COLAs) for protection against inflation


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