Diabetes Life Cover

According to the American Diabetes Association the number of people with diabetes is increasing due to population growth, aging, urbanization, and increasing prevalence of obesity and physical inactivity.

diabetes life cover

Money Marketing published in 2010: According to the World Diabetes Foundation, around 850,000 South Africans are living with diabetes. Of these, around 40% control the disease and live without complications. Approximately 85% – 90% of people diagnosed with diabetes are type 2 sufferers. More concerning is the fact that 50-85 % of persons with the condition remain undiagnosed.

health24 confirms this in 2013: “The diabetes tsunami is here. And we in South Africa are in trouble.” This is the stark warning of Dr Larry Distiller, founder and managing director of the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology in Johannesburg, over the ever-increasing diabetes numbers in South Africa.

“Three-and-a-half million South Africans (about 6% of the population) suffer from diabetes and there are many more who are undiagnosed,” he cautions.

Well-controlled diabetics were offered fully comprehensive life cover from 2010.

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What is diabetes life cover?

A lump-sum amount is paid on diagnosis, irrespective of your expenses. Often no medical bills are required and you can use the benefit amount to pay for treatment and any other costs.


Why you need diabetes life cover

Diabetes life insurance can mean you can:

  • Claim for medicine on the formulary
  • Reduce the premium on display of good control
  • Get help from leading healthcare partners to help you manage diabetes


Choosing the right diabetes life cover

Things to remember about a diabetes life insurance:

  • You must get doctor certificates.
  • Often you must meet a minimum entry criteria to qualify for cover.
  • Do not try to lie about not being a diabetic if you know that you have diabetes.

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