Salary / Income Protection

What is your most valuable possession? Is it your house? Or your car? Or the TV? None of these really.

Because your most valuable asset is you: What will you do if you get retrenched or cannot work due to unforeseen circumstances? Without a salary, how will you pay your bills? You cannot afford losing your income.

salary protection insurance

Your income enables you to maintain your lifestyle – your home, the future of your children, your retirement plans, access to medical aid, your car, and so on.


What is income protection cover?

Income protection ensures that you do not have a shortfall in cash flow if you are unable to work due to an accident, illness or disability. It is especially important to protect your income if you have family and are the main bread winner.

Long-term income protection pays out until retirement, death or your return to work, while short-term income protection pays out for a set period, usually between one and five years.


salary protection insurance
Why you need salary protection

Income protection ensures to:

  • Continue to pay your monthly bills.
  • Experience no shortfall in your lifestyle.
  • Be certain your loved-ones are provided for.


income protection insurance

Choosing the right salary protection cover

What to consider about income protection:

  • Could you live on sick pay or government benefits
  • Is a wide range of illnesses and situations covered
  • Long-term income protection or short-term income protection


Make sure you always have a monthly income: Compare income protection offers now