Cadiz Life Insurance

Cadiz life InsuranceCadiz Life Insurance forms part of the Financial Services: Investment Services sector on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Limited. The company offers corporate solutions, unit trust management, stock broking, equity derivatives and linked life products. The company’s life insurance products are designed to target investors with a minimum investment period of 5 years. These products ensure that investors acquire adequate capital protection at maturity and that their risk exposure on the local and international trading platform is mitigated.

Cadiz Fixed Income

This type of cover offers a regular and tax efficient fixed income while protecting your capital. The product is available to all South African residents (natural and juristic persons), trusts and retirement fund annuities seeking a fixed income and preservation of their capital reserve. Cadiz Fixed Income offers up to 60 fixed monthly payments with the option to receive the cash benefit or reinvest after a period of five years.

Cadiz Step-Up Income

This type of cover enables you to earn a regular, tax efficient income. Cadiz Step-Up Income is designed to protect your capital with payments that increase every year.  For all South Africa residents and corporations with an immediate need for an escalating income and capital preservation, the Cadiz Step-Up Income provides an ideal solution.

Cadiz Property Income

The Cadiz Life Insurance –property income option is designed to offer investors with a regular, tax efficient, annuity income. In such cases, investors have the opportunity to earn unlimited capital growth within the property portfolio because of the guaranteed payments which can easily increase each year. The Cadiz Property Income portfolio is designed to allow individual investors to reap the rewards of the tax benefits provided by Section 10A of the Income Tax Act.

Cadiz Tandem (SA Equities)

Cadiz Tandem provides investors with monthly income while protecting the capital investment. This type of cover offers investors with protected capital, flexible options of accessing the capital and unlimited exposure to the market index.

Cadiz Enterprise Development

The Cadiz Life Insurance- Enterprise Development option provides investment solutions for corporates, for instance it converts an annual expense to a once-off investment and also caters for the organisation’s Enterprise Development requirements.

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