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Guardrisk Life InsuranceGuardrisk Life Insurance is one of the most renowned corporate insurer focusing on cell captives insurance. The company is affiliated to Guardrisk Holdings Limited, its holding company who in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alexander Forbes. This strategic affiliation has given Guardrisk Life Insurance the stability and competitive edge that it requires and the company has since its inception in 1999 seen its net premium market share grow to 37% of the specialised cell captive market market. The company provides the best insurance solutions tailored for your corporate needs and effective risk management services, a critical requirement for all business operations in our current economic climate.

Cell Captive

A cell captive refers to a contractual arrangement which is ratified by the issue of a special class of ordinary shares through which Guardrisk Life Insurance is able to extend its licence to another organisation or “cell owner”.  In such a case Guardrisk Life Insurance insures the cell owners’ own risks also known as 1st party cell and insures the risks and/or lives of its customers or members, also known as a 3rd party cell. Each cell operates independent of each other with all the risks and rewards associated with certain insurance activities accruing to the cell shareholder. Based on their individual risk profile, each cell is required to hold adequate capital reserves in accordance with the Financial Services Board (FSB) regulations.

Short-term Life Insurance Contracts without Fixed Terms

This includes policies which protect policyholders in the event of a claim event such as disability or  death. Short-term life insurance contracts include funeral contracts, group life assurance and credit life policies.

Long-term Life Insurance Contracts with Fixed and Guaranteed Terms

These type of contracts insure events such as retirement, morbidity and mortality. There is an option for a single premium with a maturity of up to 5 years or a recurring premium payment with a maturity of up to 40 years.

Long-term Life Insurance Contracts without Fixed Terms

Insured events include retirement, morbidity and mortality. There is also an obligation on Guardrisk Life Insurance to pay policy holders 100% of the latent surplus and eligible surplus on all contracts.

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Tel: 011 669-1000



  1. please furnish me with policy number f0003952 details

  2. my comment is, since i signed policy i have not received any status of the policy please e-mail me with the details

  3. Tenjiwe Fotoyi

    Will you pls email me my policy document, my policy no is MED0001xxxx

  4. Frederick Qeda Shezi

    Kindly verify the status quo of my policy F0033435

  5. Mphaga Cavin Tjaro

    An employee of Rustenburg Municipality collided with my car and he admitted liability
    thus I have been trying to get hold of your employee by name of LILLY as she is the one handling this claim per number 10727. My email is
    072 259 xxxx office 014565xxxx. Can she kindly send me her email address in order for me to send registration documents of this vehicle,

  6. Pearl Robyn

    Please assst me in giving me info about policy ref F003xxxx

  7. Marumo Ruth

    Can u pls send me the details of policy number Afd100018594 on the email

  8. Nolufefe Sabelo

    I would like to know whom you work with because I don’t remember signing your documents
    Please reply if its not a scam at 073696xxxx
    From policy number AFD 100021120

  9. Dear sir/ madam
    I have sende a request of withdrawing my life cover on November which I think my request have came to your attention and I hope this month they will be no deduction on payslip
    I thank u in advance.

  10. Nonhlanhla Mabaso

    I have a policy with you and I don’t remember taking one please e mail me a document that explains all about the policy .policy no.F0021156 name Nonhlanhla Maria Mhlongo

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