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Momentum Life InsuranceMomentum Life Insurance is an emerging life insurance company which began its operations in 1966 as a small life insurance company under the ownership of AVBOB. Following a series of mergers and acquisitions, Momentum Life Insurance is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the FirstRand Group. Momentum Life Insurance strives for service excellence, creative and enthusiastic solutions and a dynamic can-do attitude.

Life Insurance Benefits

Momentum Life Insurance provides a holistic life insurance plan designed to meet your individual needs. With life cover benefits, the crucial enquiry to make is would your family be financially secure? The life cover benefit from Momentum Life helps to ensure that your family has access to sufficient income which will ensure that their lifestyle is maintained and your children will have access to a decent education.

Disability Benefits

One of the greatest risks we face is the possibility of being unable to work and lose an income because of an injury or illness. The Momentum Life Disability Cover ensures that employees will have an income if they have exhausted their sick leave entitlement. It is also provides a steady source of income for business owners who may be booked off work for a period exceeding seven days.

Critical Illness Benefits

Critical Illness or Dread Disease Cover is a critical form of protection designed to cater for your medical treatment in the event that you are diagnosed with any one of the critical illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer. Such conditions may lead to your diminished ability to work and less mobility thus forcing you to make sever lifestyle changes. The Critical Illness Cover pays out a tax-free lump sum which can be used to offset medical aid shortfalls and to access the best medical technology.

Impairment Benefits

The Momentum Life Impairment Cover offers protection against the long-term financial implications of permanent illnesses or injuries such as dementia, brain damage, blindness or paraplegia. Whereas the Critical Illness Benefits pay out on diagnosis of a dread disease, the Impairment Benefits pay out only if the illness or injury results in a permanent impairment. Impairment Benefits can assist you in making lifestyle changes such as modifying your car or house and providing for additional ongoing expenses such as the services of a private nurse.

Future Insurability Benefits

Momentum Life Insurance provides Future Insurability Benefits which ensures that you will be able to buy further life cover, impairment or disability cover even if your health deteriorates over time. A Future Insurability Benefit ensures that you will be able to secure extra cover at various stages in your life such as getting a salary increase, birth of a child or starting a new business.

Savings and Retirement

The Momentum Life Retirement Booster enables you to secure a significant portion of your life insurance premiums back on retirement. By adding the Longevity Protector, the cash back percentage is increased three-fold. The Retirement Booster addresses your life insurance and savings needs under one great package with a guaranteed loyalty bonus at maturity.

Longevity Benefits

Momentum Life Insurance not only offers protection against the risk of dying but also the risk of living too long. The Longevity Plan provides a regular lump sum payment at various longevity milestones and ensures that you will be able to maintain your long life with a critical illness, if you become disabled or if you outlive your retirement savings.

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  1. Mosese Cava

    I have an account with you – cover of funeral. My pay plan has change from weekly to fortnightly starting today 14.03.18. My next fortnightly pay will be the 28.03.18. Appreciate if the deduction to change from weekly to fortnightly.
    Can you email me the confirmation on or call me on +64210241xxxx. thanks

  2. A G DU TOIT

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    E-pos adres tans: gdt

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    Kan julle asb vir my die nuutste informasie of inligting stuur in verband met polis SL029061033.

    Die laaste polis staat wat ek het is Maart 2003.
    Die polis was opbetaald gemaak vroeg 2009 weens werk retrenchments
    Die e – pos adress bo is die nuwe adress, dit is omrede Mweb Namibia verander het na Africa Online. Die ou adress wat op die sisteem is by julle werk ook nog en kom nog by my uit.

    By voorbaat Dankie

    VE Van Wyk

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