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Outsurance Life InsuranceOutsurance Life Insurance is one of the first insurance companies in South Africa to deal directly with clients. This bypass of the brokers means that clients get direct access to the expert life insurance advisors and avoid additional costs of paying broker fees. The company holds an impeccable record when it comes to claims handling and customer service delivery. The Outsurance life insurance product range offers the best combination of comprehensive and varied options and affordable price. In addition, the company has introduced the concept of the Outbonus which guarantees at least 10% of your premiums back if you have not lodged a claim.

There are numerous advantages of choosing life cover products from Outsurance. With Outsurance there is no need to pay for medical tests in the event that you are required to undergo medical tests. The company’s website provides a list of approved medical laboratories all across South Africa. If you are unable to visit a medical laboratory in your area, Outsurance will arrange for a medical nurse to visit you in the comfort of your own home at their own expense. Outsurance Life Insurance relies on advanced underwriting systems in order to ensure that your life insurance premium is determined by specific risk factors unique to your personal circumstances.

Life Cover

The Outsurance Life Cover provides protection against major risk events such as death, terminal illness or disability. There are three main options available:

  • Comprehensive Death Cover- Should the death of the Main Life Assured occur within the cover period, the Outsurance Comprehensive Death Cover pays a cash benefit to the beneficiaries of the Main Life Assured.
  • Terminal Illness Benefit- Should it happen that the main life assured is diagnosed with a terminal illness with a life expectancy of less than 12 months, the terminal illness benefit of up to 50% of the Sum Outsured will be paid out.
  • Accidental Death Cover – The Outsurance Accidental Death Cover provides a limited but more affordable life cover which provides a cash benefit upon the death of the Main Life Assured caused by violent, external or accidental means.

Disability Insurance Products

  • Own Occupation- In the event that you become permanently disabled and you are no longer able to perform your own occupation during the insured period, the Sum Outsured will be paid out to you. Payment will only be made if claim event results in total and permanent disability which cannot be cured or treated.
  • Own or Suitable Occupation- The Outsurance Own or Suitable Occupation benefit provides cover in the event that the main life assured is unable to perform own occupation or any other suitable occupation taking into account the person’s ability, experience, training and education into account.

Death, Disability and Critical Illness

This type of cover provides you with complete control as to what type of products to include in your life insurance package. Critical Illness and Disability can be insured as accelerated structures or free standing claim events. Accelerated structure means that a claim on critical illness or disability will automatically reduce the sum of the death cover. The free standing option means that the two products operate on their own accord and a claim on one event will not influence the amount on the other product.

Critical Illness Cover

  • Comprehensive Critical Illness Cover- In the event that the main life assured is diagnosed with any one of the 40 Critical Illnesses, a percentage of the sum Outsured will be paid out.
  • Core Critical Illness Cover- Should you be diagnosed with any one of the 27 core critical illnesses, the core critical illness benefit will be paid out.

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Outsurance Life Contact Details:

Tel: 08 600 70 000 | 012 673 3000
Claims: 08 600 70 000
Email: wenholdd@out.co.za
Website: www.outsurance.co.za

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