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PSG Online Life insurancePSG Life Insurance is one of the leading financial services provider in South Africa offering a wide range of life insurance products and services. The company is part of the PSG Konsult Group, a renowned platform which specifically focuses on insurance solutions, asset management and wealth management for businesses and individuals. The group is founded on the principles of transparency, integrity and trust with a strong emphasis on establishing a lifelong relationship with customers. In order to achieve this personalised service, the group has adopted a face-to-face model and enhanced interaction via integrated electronic platforms.

PSG Life Insurance has a strong relationship with PSG Konsult and this means that clients have access to the expert team of financial advisors. These consultants are readily available to assist in incorporating your special requirements and creating customised insurance policies.

Life Insurance

If you are looking for a financial product that ensures that your family and loved ones are protected, the PSG Life Insurance product is an ideal option. PSG Life Insurance pays a lump sum amount to your nominated beneficiaries in the event of your accidental death or death by natural causes. This lump sum payment can be used to settle outstanding debts and to provide for your dependants thereby alleviating the financial burden. There are several options for premium payments. In the first instance, policyholders can opt for the aggregated option which means that premiums will start at a minimum level and increase annually based on the age of the Main Life Assured. Alternatively, premiums can be fixed, starting at a minimum level and increase annually based on a fixed percentage. The third option offers fixed premiums from the date of inception of the policy up to the last day of cover.

Term Insurance

The PSG Life Term Insurance is the most basic life insurance cover designed to offer protection against death or disability over a specific period of time. In the event that the beneficiaries of the Main Life Assured do not lodge a claim within that given time period, the term insurance policy expires. Term life insurance is a cost-effective method of providing cover for a family and is ideal for the young and middle aged. Term insurance is more costly for senior citizens because the likelihood of the Main Life Assured dying is greater.

Critical Illness and Disability Benefits

Although critical illnesses and tragic accidents might not lead to your death, these events can have an adverse impact on your lifestyle due to loss of income and the cost of treatment. The PSG Life Critical illness and disability cover pays out a lump sum upon the diagnosis of a critical illness or disabling accident.

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PSG Life contact details:

Tel: 011 996 5200 | 0860 774 774 | 011 582 6926

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