BrightRock Life Insurance

Brightrock life insuranceBrightRock Life Insurance is one of the most innovative needs-matched life insurance company offering reliable insurance solutions to the South African market. In the same way that the digital era has created a niche society hungry for co-creating and customizing every part of their world to meet their needs, BrightRock Life Insurance adopts the same approach in their product range. If you are looking for the most relevant and suitable financial protection, tailored to meet your specific needs, BrightRock Life Insurance is an ideal option.

BrightRock Life Insurance

  • Affordability:  BrightRock Life Insurance offers greater value and efficiency because policy holders pay only for the cover they need.
  • Changing needs: BrightRock Insurance policy offers cover that stays the course because it is designed to change with you throughout your lifetime. This means that your cover keeps pace with your changing needs with easier terms and fewer underwriting requirements than any other product on the market.
  • BrightRock Life Insurance offers industry-leading claims criteria which means that all claims are paid timeously provided all the required documentation are submitted.

Meeting Your Needs

  • BrightRock Life Insurance identifies the critical need for cover in six main aspects of your life: Debt Need, Healthcare Needs, Education Needs, Household Needs, Estate Duty Needs and Illness and Injury Needs.
  • Debt Need- There is critical need for cover for car repayments, home loan, credit cards and loans.
  • Healthcare Needs: This identifies payment of medical aid premiums as an essential need.
  • Education Needs:  In the event of your death or disability, it is crucial to ensure that your family’s educational needs are catered for. This includes school and university fees, accommodation, stationary and extramurals.
  • Household Needs: This extends to cover expenses for maintenance, food and bills.
  • Estate Duty Needs: It is critical to ensure that certain statutory fees are paid out in the event of your death.
  • Illness and Injury Needs: By making provision for this need, all costs associated with your illness or injury, including shortfalls from your medical aid will be paid out.

The Option to Choose

  • BrightRock Life Insurance is committed towards ensuring that clients are adequately protected for each aspect of their lives. To achieve this goal, the company relies on specialised computer software to identify individual risks and match them to the right amount of cover.
  • The Life Assured is given the option to choose the criteria which should be used to determine the cover increase over a specified period of time.
  • The Life Assured, with the assistance of the highly trained professionals at BrightRock Insurance can choose the basis upon which the premium should increase over time.
  • The Life Assured is also at liberty to choose the period of insurance for each financial need.
  • Bright Rock Life Insurance provide the Life Assured with the option choose between a lump sum payment or a recurring claim payment.

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BrightRock Life Contact Details:

Tel: 0860 00 77 44

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  1. colleen

    Payment on daughters policy does not go of and haven’t received policy documents

  2. Willie

    We need assistance on a policy for our domestic worker. We currently have two life incurance policies with you. Willie

  3. Jacobus la Grange

    All you r contact data is incorrect, website is down.
    Premium did not go off
    Contact me urgently

    • Juan

      Hi I am a broker contact me I can help 084300xxxx

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    We are over 60 years can we apply for insurance

    • Juan

      Hi there yes you can
      Contact me 084300xxxx

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