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Discovery Life InsuranceDiscovery Life Insurance is an emerging player within the South African Insurance market. The company emerges from Discovery Holdings, an entity that has built an empire of exclusive, successful and industry leading medical aid insurance products. Given the reputation of the holding company and its innovative approach to the health insurance, Discovery Life Insurance brings added benefits to the South African life insurance industry.  The company has transformed the fundamentals of life assurance products by moving away from the traditional approach which combines risk and investment to focusing on a risk-based life insurance platform.

Discovery Life Plan

The Discovery Life Plan embodies the fundamental aspects of the company’s life insurance product offerings with the option for integration and configurations which will better reflect a personalised product.

Future Fund /Global Linkage

This option enables you to boost your life insurance policy by selecting stock market portfolios. The three different types of funding plans include the silver, gold and platinum options, all of which offer either a fixed premium option or the escalation option which increases on an annual basis.

Payback Health Integrator

The Payback Health Integrator gives you the opportunity to link Discovery Vitality membership to your life insurance policy. This has the added benefit of reducing monthly premiums. Members can also make use of their credit cards to earn further discounts on premiums.

Income Continuation Protector

This type of cover ensures that there is a steady source of income to mitigate the financial impact of future disasters.

The Discovery Life Card Protector

The Discovery Life Card Protector provides cover for your outstanding debts such as credit card payments and pays for your critical living expenditure up to a maximum period of 12 months.

Health Plan Protector

In the event that you are no longer financially productive, the Health Plan Protector ensures that your medical aid contributions are covered.  It also includes illness benefits for all the major physiological problems.

Additional Benefits

Discovery Life Insurance provides additional benefits which include the child birth benefit, global health benefit, female benefit, family trauma benefit and global education protector.

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  1. lorraine

    Hi – I have several annuities with OM, who wont let me cash them in or borrow against them. I need money urgently now. If i moved them to yourselves, would i be able to borrow against them or cede them or something, or anytime. I only need a small sum of money for a short period of time. Can you help me please – its urgent. thank you Lorraine

  2. Herman Seth Mokone

    Hi-just want to know if I can borrow money out of my my life cover policy and also want to know if I decided to quit out of the policy will I be able to get my whole contribution back.

    Thank you in advance

    Herman Seth Mokone

  3. My brother has been clean from crack addiction for a small more than 3 months now, it hasn’t been effortless for
    anybody but specially for him.

  4. Mayves

    I am a citizen of Botswana and live in Gaborone. Is it possible to get a life cover when I do not live in South Africa? I tried filling on the quote form but is was rejected because of the cell phone number and Identity digits.

  5. I want to change my banking details. I don’t have my policy number but you can
    contact me on 078595xxxx

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