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Assupol life insuranceAssupol Life Insurance has been providing effective life insurance solutions since it was established in 1913. The company provides cover for the crisis needs of clients such as dread disease, death and disability along with the investment needs of clients. The wide range of insurance solutions and products available include the following:

The Progress Legacy Plan

This cover caters for the financial hardships which follow after your death, critical illness of disability. Although the minimum premium is set at R150.00 per month, there is an option to increase the premium payment up to 20% per month.

The Progress Legacy Plan includes the following benefits:

  • A Death Benefit cover which offers a lump sum payment to the chosen beneficiaries of the Main Life Assured.
  • In the event that the life assured is diagnosed with a terminal illness whose life expectancy is less than 12 months, a terminal Illness benefit reaching a maximum value of 100% of the Death Benefit sum is paid out.
  • In the event that the accidental death of the life assured occurs within 60 days of the date of application and whilst the application is still under review, the Pre-acceptance Accidental Death Benefit reaching a maximum value of up to R500 000.00 is awarded.
  • Optional benefits include Accelerated Critical Illness Cover, Accidental Death Cover, Accelerated Disability Cover, transport for the deceased, admission to network hospitals and premium waiver benefits.

The Progress Accident Plan

In the event of an accident which results in the death or physical impairment of the Life Assured, The Progress Accident Plan covers the main life assured.  In such a case, a lump sum benefit is awarded  in accordance with extent and severity of the event giving rise to the claim. For instance, if the claim event is death, 100% of the cover amount is paid out and if the life assured loses a limb 50% of the cover amount is paid out. The optional benefits available with this cover include the Assupol On-Call services offering hospital admission, transport for the deceased and medical advice.

Progress 4Sure Plan

The Progress4Sure Plan provides cover for disability, death and dread disease.

  • Death Benefit- The Progress 4Sure Plan pays out a lump sum benefit  ranging from a minimum of R50 000 up to R200 000 upon the death of the life assured.
  • Funeral Benefit for the Main Life Assured- The funeral benefit cover is available at no extra cost.  Beneficiaries of the life assured receive a lump sum payment reaching a maximum of up to 10% of the Main Life Assured Death Benefit sum not exceeding R10 000.
  •  Funeral Benefit for the Spouse- In the event that the main life assured has a spouse, the spouse funeral benefit is automatically included with no extra costs. In such cases, a lump sum benefit not exceeding 10% of the Main Life Assured up to R10 000 is paid out.
  • Funeral Benefits – The option exists for the main life assured to include their dependent children and parents under the funeral benefits. The benefit paid in such cases peaks at 10% of the Main Life Assured’s Death Benefit sum and should not exceed R10 000.
  • Terminal Illness- In the event that the Main Life Assured is diagnosed with a terminal illness, a terminal illness benefit not exceeding 95% of the Death Benefit sum is paid out.
  • Physical Disability Benefit- A lump sum payment is available for physical disabilities such as loss of or loss of use of limbs and the senses.
  • Dread Disease Benefit- A lump sum payment is available for critical illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.
  • Critical Illness Cover- In the event that the main life assured is diagnosed with critical illnesses such as cancer, heart disease dread diseases; Assupol Life provides a lump sum benefit through the Critical Illness Cover.

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Assupol Life Contact details:

Tel: 0861 235 664

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  1. Thomas Tshabalala

    kindly please update me on my policy with assupol. my policy number is Y0143708101xxxx, please provide cover on all registered member, reason being that I need to know must I keep on being an assupol member or what to add on my policy, my cell number is 072xxxxxx

  2. gabegwe

    does assupol have secure services where one can access his or her portfolios

  3. gabegwe

    how to access my policies online

  4. tembi

    assupol does have funeral cover

  5. phillip

    Goodday call me back take out

  6. Patricia Boyles

    I have a life coover I want to know if I have any money that I can have



    • Reginald Mthethwa

      Good morning
      My father is the pensioner, he joined a policy with ASSUPOL with one of your Reps, and I wish to know what are you cover him with under his policy, perhapos if you can send us his profile where everything he is covered with is listed through my email adress, his I.D number is 420518 5171 xxx.

      078 065 1xxx

    • Ayanda Nkume

      Hi Vincent
      You qualify to take a policy as long as you will be able to pay your premiums either through debit order or your employee number.You must be must be eighteen years and older.You can cover as many people as you would love.

  8. Ferdinand

    I am having four policies with you guys and wold like to be faxed or emailed a print out of all four policies or history, my email is and contact is 083982xxxx

  9. Nomvume

    Hi I have a policy at assupol now I want to change the bank what should I do my I.D NO is 840115076xxxx and I want to add other members please call for update

  10. Nomvume

    My I.D NO IS 8401150766xxxx

  11. Nomvume

    Please send mi qoutes via Fax 039 252 xxxx From 0 – 100 years I hv a big Family. I have been calling you but you keep on playing music and then you send me to pillar to post that is why I want you to call me1

  12. angelo mario jacobs

    i am angelo mario jacobs i need for u to sent me a form to update my assupol life beneficeries u can sent to my work fax 0232302780

  13. Happiness

    hi I have a investment policy with assupol and my policy number is AL4000000046xxxx,please send me a statement on this imali address

  14. bakang disetlhe

    hello my name is bakang disetlhe ive joined assupol life via online my id is 881111548xxxx
    so I just to know where to collect my documents
    please email through

  15. sydney

    How much is the minimum life cover.
    I need a life cover

  16. sydney

    Interested to take a life cover with Assupol

  17. sydney

    Send me more information about assupol

  18. thobile

    I need an assupol agent around Malelane or Nelspruit.i want to join a funeral cover and also update my life cover.

  19. mpho martin tshivhunga

    I would like to cancel my funeral cover I try to call several time but no respond my ID number is 8202027586084 please get back to me

  20. Ncamisa Skeyo

    Hi Could you please inform me what is needed for a life cover insurance. and please include the fees to be paid monthly.

  21. Phokungwane Sophie Shale

    Good day
    Kindly note that I will be leaving the system as at 31/01/2018.

    Reference No.: AL170000001163711

    I would like to change from paying through stop order to debit order and date of payment from 15th to 31st .

    Will supply the account number after You responded.

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