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McLife InsuranceMcLife Insurance is committed towards ensuring that your financial portfolios are well-managed. The company relies on the services of experienced brokers to help clients in conducting a financial needs analysis and in creating a tailor-made product which meets your individual financial requirements. The company strives to become one of the most respected businesses within the South African Insurance Industry offering a professional platform of quality life insurance solutions.

McLife Insurance offers a comprehensive range of short-term and long-term life insurance products and services which extend to cover:

  • Wills
  • Pre and Post-Retirement planning and income needs.
  • Medical Cover, Dread Disease, Disability and Life Cover.
  • Protection of movable and fixed assets.
  • Implementation and management of employee benefits.

Life Assurance

McLife Insurance offers Risk Assurance with the following benefits: Income Protection, Disability Benefits, Death Benefits, Estate Planning, Dread Disease Benefits and Buy and Sell Assurance.


McLife Insurance offers a comprehensive range of products designed to assist you in saving for your retirement.

The Pre-retirement product range includes the following:

  • Pension and Provident Preservation Funds- The McLife Pension and Provident Preservation Funds target clients who are retrenched or resign after having already made provision for their retirement benefits. The Preservation Fund allow members to transfer these benefits tax free to the fund.
  • Retirement Annuity Investments
  • Investments
  • Endowment Plans

The Post-Retirement product range includes the following:

  • Income Investments
  • Single-Life Annuities
  • Living Annuities

Unit Trusts

Local and Offshore unit trusts are available

Shared Portfolios

McLife Insurance can assist you in setting up a share-portfolio with their provider, Investec.

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McLife Contact Details:

Tel: (011) 384 6900

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  1. helena

    Good morning, I have received a telephone call from Italy to subscribe to a policy called PRONTO PROTTETTO VIA that I can not find on your website. The caller gave me a web site in Italy that does not exists and the reference in Italy at the bottom of your website is in-existent.
    Are you aware of this promotion in Italy? The caller said that he calls on behalf of McLife, asking my bank account, credit card, ecc. The daily reimbursement is 100 uros per day and the cost is euro 17.30 per month. He refused to send me the contract my email or mail.
    I would appreciate is you could let me know what this is all about, and if true offer, I prefer to have a copy of the contract, real costs and real reimbursement.
    Thank you
    My best regards,
    Helena C. Keiski

    ho ricevuto una telefonata per una polizza assicurativa per conto di McLife.
    La telefonista mi ha dato un sito web dove trovare le informazioni a proposito di questa promozione ma non trovo il sito ne il prodotto che ha nominato.
    Provato fare il numero infondo di questo sito ma รจ inesistente.

  2. helena

    Good morning, I am writong to you because I continue to be called and called by your italian rappresentative, so they say.
    I would like to bring to your attention the italian contact details which are present at the end of your website. Are you aware of this?
    I have tried to call the nuber and send an email but they are inexistant. Besides the company is not but The website I was told was which does not exist.
    Please let me know what this is about, if I should inform the IVAS.
    Thank you for your attention.
    Best regards

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